Professional accountants as members of CAANZ, CPA or IPA, as well as those registered with the TPB, are required to comply with the ethical requirements as detailed by the Accounting Professional & Ethical Standards Board. This includes APES310 Client Monies.

Client Monies means any Monies (in whatever form) coming into the Control of a Member in Public Practice or any of the Member’s Personnel which are the property of a Client and includes Monies to which the Member or the Member’s Personnel have no present entitlement.

For instance, this will include such situations as:

  • Where an accountant operates a trust account to receive tax refunds from clients

  • Where an accountant requests clients pay a deposit or payment in advance prior to services being provided

  • Where an accountant is a signatory on a bank account belonging to a client

When an accountant has any dealings with client monies, they are required to have an annual audit completed. Please contact our office and we will be pleased to provide you with a quotation.


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