We provide auditing services to more than 600 self-managed superannuation funds, with our highly skilled team applying specialised knowledge and procedures. We have achieved efficiencies in providing very competitive, economical yet professional audit services.

Why should you engage Australian Audit?


In today’s highly regulated accounting environment, an external auditor is expected to maintain independence to the highest degree possible. Australian Audit endeavours to maintain this high standard by providing only audit and assurance services to unrelated parties. We do not undertake bookkeeping or tax accounting work for our clients.

Service quality assurance

Our commitment to quality is uncompromising and we are a quality assurance practice under Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

Commitment to our clients

We recognise client expectation of a straightforward, honest and friendly service. Therefore, we liaise with our associate accountants to meet and exceed our mutual client’s expectations. We will communicate with clients in your preferred way, for instance all communication can be sent direct to trustees or via your external accountant.

Professional relationship

We maintain a strong professional relationship with our associate accountants, who acknowledge our value of commitment towards our mutual clients. This includes our availability throughout the year to address issues prior to the audit; we always encourage accounting firms to raise potential accounting issues at the time they occur, so that they do not create delays at the time of the audit.

Our audit firm offers easy access to the directors on audit matters and a personal approach. We are conversant with all major accounting software platforms. We will integrate with your accounting platform to make the transmission of information and data as seamless as possible.

Competent team

All our audits are performed locally by CA / CPA qualified staff and staff who are currently on their way to achieving these qualifications.

Turnaround time

We are locally operated and strongly believe in commitment towards time and our work. Hence, we are able to provide a turnaround time of 2-3 weeks (subject to supply of outstanding information). In addition, urgent priority jobs can be completed within 24-48 hours.

Professional conduct and training

All audit work will be performed in a professional and efficient manner with minimal disruption to your practice. We undertake commercially led training regularly to keep ourselves updated with the ever-changing accounting profession subject matters and to keep us centred to the “real world” business focus.

Cost efficient

Australian Audit offers a cost-effective fee structure based on efficient processes, a highly specialised team and low overheads. We always agree fixed fees in advance of work being completed, so you will know in advance exactly what the cost will be. We can provide a standard fee for all superannuation funds, or a fee schedule with variable fees based on specific attributes of fund complexity.

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